23 Jun 2011

Polkadot Panda

A little something for the Italian Magazine Polkadot.

Keep your ears and eyes open because apart from collating some music for the mag and an upcoming feature there the guys have also asked me to collaborate on a mini collection for an apparel line. www.sympathyfortheunusual.com 
More Coming Soon!


Clara said...

Pandas are awesome! By the way I just spotted a piece by you on Tumblr Radar!It was posted by this user http://1000scientists.com/post/6838909799 It probably has tons of notes!

● Sandra Dieckmann Illustration ● said...

I love them too! Pandas are always good!
I just had a look .... jeeez ... yes nearly 4000 notes!
I still can't figure Tumblr out ;)