19 Dec 2010

Thieving update || Colourboxonline goodies & Ammo Mag issue 5

I've just come back from a little trip to the Truman Brewery to clear up the case of my stolen artwork on a stall there last week. If you haven't read about it read it here.
I met with Vonnie who is the event organizer there and who really was great help when facing the vendors. I didn't get as far as I would have liked to but as the case stands these two girls have a friend in Thailand who sources out artwork there at the very popular 'Jatujak' market . Apparently this girl saw my wares being sold at a stall there which means even that stall has been supplied by yet another person who might be distributing it in wholesale lots all over the world. A real bummer!
I also found out that the label in my shirts says 'La Villa'. I'll be loking into that further and will also be contacting Trading Standarts for some further advice. The girls have been banned from trading any further ther which is a relieve. If you see my stuff at any market around London or elsewhere please contact me immidiately as I am very thankful for any further info.

On a happier note: I met @Kraggy @iamananoctopus and bought myself some lovely goodies of the very funny and entertaining @colourboxonline. Go down to see the wares at their stall today. It's a real treat and your sure to have a laugh! Also check out their very lovely creations on their websites!
Here are a few pics of the lovely cards, the badge and the cute pocket mirror I got from Joe Rogers.

I also wanted to show you Ammo Magazine issue 5 which I have been enjoying very much!
It's a great format and beautifully printed! Well done to @AmmoMagazine again for their rad work!
These are my two favourite pages: Artwork by Jacob Stead and Riccardo Guasco.


Gerlin said...

All of this looks wonderful! And colourful. I'm a sucker for colourful. I've been doubting about buying a copy of Ammo Magazine for a while (I love the format as well!) and I think I just might in the new year. This issue looks rather great.

rik™ said...

Spare the link and compliment! Greetings!:)