17 Dec 2010

PeculiarBliss front cover

Yes it is out and I can finally reveal the image.
All the playing around with the treetops ... hehehe

It's the front cover for PeculiarBliss issue 4 which is out today.
You can view and download it all here: http://peculiarbliss.com/magazine/pec...ssue-four/

This Quarter’s theme was “TRAVEL”. Featuring a long interview with me and some amazing artwork by JessicaGill_Imagemaker, anthonyzinonos, Murray the Mangoose, Abe Honest, grahamfranciose, vaughnf, Chris Piascik.
Have a look if you like!

// Have a look at the last page with me and the funny sheep for details about submitting to issue 5!


Eileen Moreno said...

wow Sandra! your work is amazing!!
genious!! ;)


● Sandra Dieckmann ● said...

Oh thank you!
I'm very honoured you say that ;) xxx