19 Sep 2010

Whipsnade Zoo & Countryside

I went away again. This time to Whipsnade Zoo and to spend a few days in the lovely countryside. It was pretty amazing but now I'm back to work. Fully fully fully! Hello back!


Jamie Mills said...

Those lemurs look like they are having a very good conversation.

Mya.L said...

Lemurs again: the one on the right, in the first picture, looks like Nosferatu!

Mya.L said...

What the heck is on picture #4? The other day, someone was telling me about some strange animal she saw at an animal park - the description was something like "a mix between a wallaby, a rabbit..." and I can't remember the rest! I thought she was winding me up, but now I think she might have been talking about THAT!

● Sandra Dieckmann ● said...

Haha he does ... that is SOME observation!

The strange animals where everywhere.
They let them loose ... most peculiar.
Maybe they are supposed to breed with humans?
It must have been THOSE!