11 Jul 2010

Sunday Things

▶▶▶Things to do today 

▶Dream up a magical animal http://ow.ly/29MpL 
▶Draw a HAUS STORYhttp://www.hausstories.com/ 
▶Be good to yourself!

I'm still unpacking!

And before I forget - I have decided to hold a giveaway here on my blog with the winner receiving a custom drawing of an animal of their choice or themselves as an animal when reaching the wholesome number of 400 followers on twitter. A little celebration to say thank you kind people!


Pearl Grey said...

Yay! Is this comment a sufficient entry? If not, please let me know how to get in on the action! :)

● Sandra ● said...

Hey hon! I haven't decided what to giveaway yet! Considering my printer is dying I thin it will be an original and something handmade perhaps.
Will post soon soon soon ;D