13 Dec 2010

The females of the Wolf gang

After all the thieving upset yesterday and speaking to a lawyer and also the venue I'm a bit further with a good plan.

On a happier note I present you with another piece of the secret image I'm working on and another two members of Wolfgang's wolf gang.
Introducing the mother of the pack and lady extraordinaire Olivia Wolf.

... and wolf child Lilly.

Crumb is sleeping while I'm drawing the night away ... well planning to!


Tia Eastwood said...

oooh they are both lovely but lilly is sooooo cute!

Gerlin said...

Oh my god that bow! So sweeeeet. Think Lily is my fave too :-)

Gerlin said...

Actually, scrap that, Olivia is just as awesome because of that hairdo! AMAZING.

● Sandra Dieckmann ● said...

Hahaha ... you guys make me laugh.
Drawing a tough teenage boy wolf now ;D

Coreopsis said...

The lovely lashes of those wolves! Beautiful! (but your cat picture makes me want to get a cat.....)