5 Jul 2010

Snail Mail from June Sees

As a runner up of June Sees's giveaway I had the choice of receiving any one of her beautiful illustrations as a print and chose Her London Fashion Week illustration 'Deer Chandelier'.
I love the deer and the colours! It is wonderful and I will hang it in a special spot once I have moved house. Everything is on the floor in bags and boxes at the moment. A complete chaos! I don't really mind it as it will give me an opportunity to have a big clear out!

Thank you June for brightening up my new room! 


Andy said...

Hey Sandra, you chose the same print as me, the deer chandelier is wonderful. I was lucky enough to win the giveaway - http://decodingstatic.blogspot.com/2010/07/june-sees-illustrations.html

Lovely blog.


■ Sandra ■ said...

Hey Andy!

I know!

It's lovely. For sure my favourite ;-)
So glad we won it!