22 Jun 2010

Fox, King of English beasts

I have been thinking a lot about the issues surrounding the urban foxes recently.
Working for the RSPCA it's something that is constantly on the agenda.
 There is a lot of Foxes about in East London at night. When walking home I have sometimes seen several crossing the streets or sitting near some bins not even attempting to shy away.

I find it shameful that the foxes are blamed before the humans blame themselves.
Who has built this inviting environment for them. The answer is we have!

These animals are beautiful and intelligent and surrounded by Legends and the material of many fables as the ones of Aesop. His fables carried messages of value to young minds, with the fox illustrating the pitfalls of flattery ('The Fox and the Crow') or an idle character in ('The Fox and the Wolf').
I grew up in Germany and fables were still an important part in kindergarden and school.
Maybe my love for animals started there somewhere in the green countryside and with the animals communicating emotions and morals through the stories I was told.

I have started reading a little book called 'The complete Fox' by Les Stocker which I picked up in the RSPCA charity shop today. It's very sweet and informative.
Above is an image from the book of the fox cub blossom befriending the families dog and below a Fox image I have drawn in defense of the King of the English beasts.

I have experimented with yet another way of colouring. I kinda like it this soft.
Could be really nice set into brightly coloured scenery for my collages.
It's a little like my old Bumble Bear.

It's funny how the images turn out so differently all the time but really interesting as well!
Never stop playing! You never know what you'll discover ;-)

If anyone wonders where the previous post has gone, I have deleted it.
Because A: I didn't like the image B: I didn't like the text and C: I'd rather erase it from my memory forever!


benconservato said...

I have been randomly removing posts from my blog, so I completely understand. Your work is beautiful. I love this post and the fox woman you have above.

Sandra Dieckmann said...

Thank you so much!
It means a lot to me those kind words.
It's been a hard hot and long day and I'm happy now to settle down and close my eyes like the fox lady!