17 May 2010

work in progress...

I came home today after three days of not being there and tried to get back into things.
I think I counted about 11 projects that are waiting on my list. Great collaboration coming up as well and a super magazine submission. I'm gonna be in print in the Tate and Magma...woohoo ;-)
I always write lists and sometimes I write the same list again just on different paper with a different pen in order to sort my head out or at least believe to be doing so.

Two cups of coffee later and without any more cigarettes I started working on this:
I can't just yet reveal what it is for but you'll see by July. It's lots of fun and will probably be changed again but let's just let it rest for a while!
It's always a good idea not to rush things. I really don't do that often enough ;-)

Don't forget to check out yesterday's post Milky Onions!

Some musical treats from me and my friends! xxx

There's also my darling boy 'Little Crumb'. Naughty cat is trying to eat my camera !!!

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