15 May 2010

Here are some goodies to listen to for you.
Bits of music from bits of people around me.
If you like them, tell me! 


1. Liz Clough & Tom Hindley
2. Nick Hindley, Sandra Dieckmann, Liz Clough & Alberta Jones
3. Tom Hindley & Nick Hindley
4. Nick Hindley & Sandra Dieckmann
5. Nick Hindley
6. Tom Hindley & Ben Bennett 
7. Tom Hindley, Ben Bennett & Liz Clough

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Ramires said...

Hi Sandra, is it your band? I love the songs.
Are you the singer, do you play some instrument? Tell me about :-)

Sandra Dieckmann said...

Hey Ramires!

It is a few of my friends that write and play and sing. I'm only singing a bit of the second song and the 4th song in German.
We make music together. The others more then me really !!!
Have a look underneath at the names.
Liz is the lovely singer in the first song if that is what you mean ;-)
Which one do you like the best ?