23 Mar 2010

Working on the goats...errrm sheep

Hallo hallo!

Hope you are all having a lovely Tuesday.
I have started working on the Moly exchange project.
I was gonna turn myself and Lidia into goats but it looks like we are just plain sheep.
Not that plain actually considering the colouring ;-)
Back to work tomorrow for a week so I hope I can get done as much as possible.

I thought I also show you a few photos of yesterday night.
My love took me to see the Magnetic Fields in the Barbican ahead of my upcoming birthday next week. It was really lovely. Check them out if you haven't ever listen to them yet.
Stephin Merritt is really a wonderful songwriter.
I squeezed out a few tears in secret sitting there well hidden in the dark. Haha ;-)

Have a good day everyone!

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Aris said...

beautiful drawings!