19 Mar 2010

Back once again!

Hello my lovelies!

First of all apologies for having been disappeared for so so long.
I have had personal ups and downs, moved house and changed jobs and now I'm finally settling in and getting back to what I love best ... drawing and dreaming.

I received Lidia's Moly from Rins in the post a few days ago, which is part of a Moleskine exchange group I'm part of.
It's really beautiful and already pretty full of fantastic drawings from all the artists taking part.

Thank you for the sweet handmade card as well Rins!

The photos below show my new working place in North London and my Little Crumb who is not all so little any more. He will be one year old at the end of this month just when I will be getting one year older as well ;-)

Well ... I'll start drawing now and keep you updated and this time I promise not to be this long again!

All the best, Sandra xxx

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