27 Apr 2009


has been a brilliant day!

As you might have noticed I'm not someone for self indulgent, self praising blogging.
I'm rather uncomfortable with admitting to myself that good things are happening but today has just been really really great and surprising!

I managed to finish the very last spread of 'The Bumble Bear & The Grizzly Bee' and send it off for printing for my presentation next week. So that should be back in the next 5 days and I can't wait to hold a proper hardcopy in my hands. Of course I will post some pictures of it!

The book is also at the Macmillan Children's book award 2009 at the moment to be judged.
I don't want to think about that, because I think it's impossible to predict anything from my subjective viewpoint. Whatever happens I have worked so so hard and even if I have been sleep deprived for days I have loved every second of the process!

My Flickr
had 1000 hits today and the book is so well received! Thank you all for your amazing comments and support and I will as promised send out a signed sketch to a special boy!

The lovely Sky Larkin, who have returned from their world tour and are doing amazing well with their debut album 'The Golden Spike' referenced me this morning on their website.
"Our friend Sandra is making a book. It is fit. "

Promtly afterwards I was offered to be featured by 'The Culture Vulture', the inside guide to this months juiciest morsels of culture, which is really exiting!

I have also been invited to MOLY_X_PORTRAIT4 and have joined their blog as one of the artists working on this fantastic world-wide collaboration.

What a day!
So loads of exiting things are happening and I'm really happy to be part of it all!

Watch this space!
love Sandra

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