26 Apr 2009

'The Bumble Bear and the Grizzly Bee'

Over the last few months I have been working on a fun and educational picture book for young children called 'The Bumble Bear & The Grizzly Bee'.

It brings together my own sketches and drawings, found textures, paper and other material in collages.

The idea for the character of the Bumble Bear came to me one night when joking around with a friend. The Grizzly Bee as a second character evolved much later after I had introduced the concept of the Bumble Bear to a group of children at a school in London.
Since the Bumble Bear is created when a bee flies into a bear (and that is two animals colliding), it was only logical to have two characters come out of the clash.

The story of 'The Bumble Bear & The Grizzly Bee' is a story about fighting and making up, about overcoming differences, friendship and also saying goodbye and two very special creatures!

Apart from educating children sentimentally I have built in simple graphical elements exploring the biology of bears and bees and explaining these to young children!

Here are a few sketches and the full spreads of the book as a slide show!
Enjoy !!!

Illustrated and written
by Sandra Dieckmann.
all rights reserved.


Sari Hod said...

I saw this beautiful bear sketches and ran to see it in your blog. Love it!

Sandra Dieckmann said...

You ran? Hahahah! Thank you so much x

●• Tiny Red said...

looove! can't wait to see /hold the final book :)