16 May 2013

Going Away Giveaway


To celebrate going to speak at Semi-Permanent in Sydney and Semi-Permanent, New Zealand next week I want to give one lucky winner the opportunity to win this very 1st signed print of Tusk the mammoth. 

This is a short giveaway so just leave a comment here and be ready to send me your address on Sunday night, when I will end the giveaway .... so I can post it out to you before heading to Heathrow Airport on Monday. Good luck and thank you all so much for your continued support. It means a lot!


Anne B. said...

Beautiful work.

Just in case you allow entries this way too (I'm not on Facebook) - count me in.

Tammie Lee said...

it sounds as though you have wonderful things going on. I wish you the best with each one!

this is a wonderful piece. I love how you have done the hair and how only the birds are in color.

Annarack said...

Mammoths Fecking rule man!

Apolonia St.Ainolopa said...

don't have facebook :( can I enter your giveaway anyway?