20 Sept 2010

Foodie Snail Mail from Emma Cowley

Yesderday Morning I had a lovely surprise to wake up to. Emma Cowley indulged me in one of her amazing A3 prints and 8 postcards featuring loads of tasty food which will soon be adorning my work space. Thank you so much Emma! Very hungry now!
I think I'll soon be making up some colourful sets of goodies myself and sending them out to everyone who would like to swap some art ;D


AnnaDenise said...

I would love to be in an art swap with you!!! :-)

● Sandra Dieckmann Illustration ● said...

Me too ;D
I want to order some postcards and new mini cards first and THEN ;D xxx

Emma Cowley said...

Thank you for the lovely post hon, it's so sweet of you! Feeling a bit red in the face now... :P