25 Aug 2010

Ballad Of Magazine Submission & Snail Mail from Jamie Mills

Spend today finalizing my 4 pages for the Ballad Of Magazine submission theme 'Don't forget to write'.
You probably have seen the first image before. I Just tweaked it a bit and am finally revealing what it was originally for. The second image is a double page spread on ways to send a message.. There was soo many ideas but it doesn't all fit !! Hehe! Finally the last image is a little sad. I do aplogize for saddening the mood. Poor little Polar bear is very lonely.


I also got the best, bestest parcel from Jamie Milk. Two of my favourite prints were inside, a beautiful Eagle, a special animal magazine with a cliff-diving penguin inside and two packets of Fizz Wiz with super loud popping action! Wow! Wow! Wow! Sorry for the awful picture quality, my camera is in a mood that's why I'm posting images of the prints stolen from Jamie's Society 6.


Maria Bogade said...

Wunderschön Sandra! Und auch wenn es traurig ist, ich mag das letzte am liebsten, vielleicht gerade deswegen!

● Sandra Dieckmann Illustration ● said...

Danke Maria. Es ist echt komisch das die Bilder die am einfachsten zu dir kommen und am schnellsten fertig sind meistens die besten sind.
Danke Danke!
Es ist auch schoen das jemand meinen blog besucht ;D

Julia said...

Das letzte mag ich auch am liebsten! Wirklich wunderwunderschön. Und das Courier-Wiesel ist auch supertoll!

Mya.L said...

The DON'T FORGET TO WRITE illustrations are grand, very moving.

● Sandra Dieckmann Illustration ● said...

Thank you lovely ladies!
And MYA ;D
I got you email ....I thought I replied but I prob didn't. It's all ok though xxx