22 Aug 2011

Juxtapoz & Photoshoot

This morning talented photographer Flora Deborah came to visit me to take some images of me and my work space. An interview and the pictures will be published online soon through Flora's new project. I'll let you all know of course when that goes life. It was really weird being in front of the lense.
I hope I didn't screw my face up too much. I was so sweaty and nervous but Flora was great fun and really put me at ease in the end. We even went for a walk to take some shots outside my area and I showed her a few of my favourite places.

Also :: My work in Juxtapoz this week which was a nice surprise as I went away at the weekend and had no idea! Thank you Juxtapoz!


Isabela L. said...

Congratulations! Beautiful drawings...

● Sandra Dieckmann Illustration ● said...

Thanks lovely ;-)