17 Jun 2011

Yesterday ...

... I started working back at the RSPCA for a week.
Some awful heartless person had dumped these 5 wonderful kitties in a box and had left them by the site of the road. Two of them where gingers about 6 weeks old and the other three much younger. Full of fleas and flu they had been left in the rain. I enjoyed having them with me all day and was happy to see them taking food and water in. Really sad to say goodbye at night. I wish I could adopt them all!

In the evening I went to Wimbledon College of Art to see various BA's final degree shows and have a few drinks.My good friend Alberta Jones was exhibiting her amazing Design for performance pieces.
Her play that I saw live a few weeks ago was astonishing and her animation ... ohhh ... you need to see for yourself!
Some pictures here and also other bits that caught my eye ;)

Alberta's work ::

and some more impressive pieces ::

We finished off the evening in a lush Thai restaurant. Good times!

PS :: Oh! and by the way I was happily surprised today that I won the All Tropical T-shirt design competition this week. Thank You all!

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