21 Feb 2011

Originals for sale !

My Mac broke down and I had to order a new iMac unexpectedly.
I'm now trying to raise a grand to pay it off and have listed some of my original drawings on Etsy.
These are the currently listed! Please feel free to request an original of an existing illustration. I might be willing to part with it.

If you can't afford an original ... I'm also selling loads of wonderful cards which are only a couple of pounds ;-) Every little helps!


1. Arctic Fox - sold!
2. Don't let me down
3. Ragdoll Cat
4. Penguin - reserved!
5. Polar Bear -sold!
6. Rhino
7. Arctic Fox 2
8. Penguin 2
9. Fox Lady
10. Fox Cub
11. Red Panda
12. Grizzly Bear

Thank You for looking!!!


Artiana Deco said...

beautiful illustations! I love your style of drawing, very unique...

Rosalba Inés said...

I love it! :)