28 Jan 2011

Up & Down :: Mixtape Vol.4

Yesterday was a weird and dark day ... creative blockage ... slightly different media ... my 4th and final mixtape! The year is starting slow! I really thought I lost my mind!
I don't know what you make of it. It's not my usual use of media and definitely looks different but I just went with the flow and in the end it's just a bit of fun!
You can visit the mixtape group at: http://sharingthemusic.wordpress.com/ or http://www.flickr.com/groups/themixtapeproject/ . List of tracks shall follow soonish!

Today I worked and then remembered yesterday's dream. I'm currently turning it into a new image.
It will be entitled 'Tomorrow Bear' and is a little sad and very critical of the way we treat our world these days. I will take my time and not rush ... life is too short and good work only grows with you. I think I'm either growing or I have the winter blues ... either way. Everything feels so slow but I'm full of plans and ideas. I'm happy and very sad at the same time. Up & Down!

Before you go I wanted to share this little track with you ... been loving it rather a lot:
Neil Young :: Like A Hurricane by Sani.D
Sleep tight everyone x

I also turned the image into one complete illustration. The image is available in my Society6 shop!


Handmade by Emily said...

Oh, this is great. Really different to your other work but I like! And the 'Down' triangle is pointing up so your subconscious is telling you things can only get better!

I know what you mean about losing your mind at this time of year. I'm still looking for mine!

Emily x

● Sandra Dieckmann Illustration ● said...

Hahaha ... good interpretation ... I like it ;)
We will succeed in finding our brains! I can feel it in my bonesees xx

rik™ said...

WOW Sandra!Fantastic Bear!...beautiful shape!

britt said...

Oh wow :)
I really love your work, very beautiful!