22 Jan 2011

An owl, a Maus and a lovely whale ...

Those are the content of today's blog post. Yes Yes!
I think it has been a while again but as they say if you don't have anything good to say better say nothing at all. I must apologize for not being a daily bloggerooo!

Well ... let's start with the owl ::
A while ago I found this very lovely and funny looking owl character (who is actually a bag) in a local charity shop and it reminded me immediately of all the lovely wares that Emily has for sale in her Folksy store Handmade by Emily. There you'll find handmade owl cushions, lavender mice, iPod MP3 covers and animal cushions. Emily offers free postage and gift wrapping on all UK and international orders so have a look and maybe find yourself your own little owl friend. Handmade by Emily is on Facebook too. Take a peek! You can also follow the lovely lady on twitter: @HandmadebyEmily
I did show her the picture of my owl bag and I think she liked it. How can you not like that grumpy face?

Next a Maus ::
It's a German Maus. Maus means mouse! Eine kleine Maus that surprised me this morning. There I was snoozing in bed when the postman woke me to hand me over this super lovely package.
It came from Michelle Price of www.kleinemaus.co.uk .
In it were sweets and treats as for example one of Michelle's super cute screen printed tote bags, a little heart and I even got a paper boat with my name on it! Thank you! Thank you! I don't know what to say.

Finally there was a whale ::
It was in the new Feb issue of Computer Arts Projects that I subscribed to as my own personal Christmas treat back in December and that also came through the door today.
On page 72 I found this amazing whale illustration by Kate Slater. I love her work very much and was happy to be recently mentioned alongside Jamie Mills and her on Creaturemag! Very nice stuff indeed Kate! It's a thing of beauty!

Right! Now finally ... as you might know already my GIVEAWAY ends tonight in only a bit more than four hours. If you enter during the night I'm sure I can count that as well ... be nice to see you there and maybe even see you win it ;)

Lots of love everyone, Sani

:: new illustrations will follow soon!


Mya.L said...

Are the nice 60s-70s embroidered cushions part of the Give Away by any chance? ;)

Choppingtools said...

Congrats to the winners!!! :)