5 Dec 2010

Jonny // Mixtape Vol.3

My third submission to the Mixtape Project is finally done.
Better late than never! It's all about Jonny, for Jonny and full of Jonny good music!
Really sorry for the atrocious picture quality. Santa really ought to bring me a new camera ;D

Visit the group at:

I have also been recording some funny music with friends. I'm not a good singer but I thought I reveal this one already so you guys can have a laugh ;D There could be more to come if you want!



zillustration said...

Jitterbug is not a Johnny song. YEAH yeah yeah!
I would also suggest the Motorcycle Mongoloid by Weird War: "Dear John... I don't love you anymore, I fell in love with the Motorcycle Mongoloid!"
Love the bear.

● Sandra Dieckmann ● said...

I know it isn't ;D Hehehe ...
Totally unrelated ... it's just something else we've been up to here.
Winters inside invite to record loads of fun!
I will check out that song! For sure! Thank you x

Handmade by Emily said...

This is pretty special...love it! Also that track sounds a bit like it could be a Soko track.
Emily x

● Sandra Dieckmann ● said...

Hi Emily!

Thank you very much indeed! I don't know Soko but I will check it out ... it can't be worse than my singing ;D