1 Dec 2010

Jamie Mills Day

In honour of Jamie spending the day at mine in London and to say thank you for an amazing snail mail loaded with treats I received the other day and also to tell the world that Jamie Mills has now opened his Etsy store I'm posting this.
Have a look at it over here - http://www.etsy.com/shop/JamieMilk for prints, books and all sorts of things! Some of which you can marvel at down below.
Don't miss out on Jamie Mills! He is talented, intelligent, funny and sure to have loads of wonders in store for you in the future. Yupee!

Crumb is missing you already! See the face he pulled after you walked out ;D

1 comment:

Gerlin said...

Awesome way of putting up Jamie's concertina! I knew you'd find a good place. Now all I need to do is get me one soon too.