15 Dec 2010

::Hi:: (unfinished)

First of all I wanted to show you guys this image.
It is some work in progress. 'HI' ... there will also be a 'BYE' coming soon!
I'm not sure at all and am knackered from a long day so I thought I show you guys this already and see what you think. This will also need to be adapted to a portrait layout.
It's looking very wintery which I had not intended but then this is just the beginning and it was probably due to the cold weather inspiring me ;D 
Hmmmm ... thinking thinking ...

secondly I wanted to send a little Thank You to Anorak magazine for featuring my Christmas Lynx Christmas card on the Anorak blog today alongside some other great illustrations. Yes! Bed now!

1 comment:

Maria Bogade said...

Hey Sandra, I love your "Hi" illo. It is actually heartwarming and made me smile foolishly right away, so you shouldn't feel insecure or whatever about it. It really is beautiful and might be the next piece I have to bye!!!! Ich hoffe dir geht es gut in London und du hast eine schöne vorweihnachtliche Zeit!!!!
Liebe Grüße aus dem verschneiten Ludwigsburg,