30 Nov 2010

Heroes A1 print

Yesterday evening I had a drink with the wonderful Mya aka La dame au beret.
You should not miss out on marveling at her beautiful creations that she brings to us through her blog and craft markets in London at the weekend. A skilled milliner and a beautiful person drop by and say hello to her. She does custom headwear for all occasions as well as the readily available pieces displayed on her site!

Today I spend my time with the amazing Gerlin of @NeonOnline who came all the way from Antwerp to snowy London town. Great times!
... and got my hands on a wonderful A1 print of my heroes illustration on request of a client.
It looks awesome to see it that large!
If you are interested in buying my artwork a little or a lot larger than offered in my Etsy store please feel free to contact me because now it can be arranged!
Thank you!

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