31 Oct 2010

Winter Wunderbar

It has been a few days since I last wrote. There has been a hospital visit, Halloween dressing up, meeting quite a few of my fellow illustrators, exhibition preperations and tons of work.
Even now it is 4.30 am and I'm still up working.
Some days and some nights time seems to be irrelevant or even non existing.
I have the luxury of having a lot of time at the moment to do the things I love but that in return means that I have no time at all because I am doing them.
I guess what I'm trying to say is ... I think I'm spending it well ... I hope.
So ... what's new? Loads of little secrets that I can't yet talk about and ...

Christmas Jumper T-shirt No. 3 is here (you can view all of them here) and ...

My third 'Festive Furries' Christmas image is also done!

These are the Comfy Kittens!
The kittens are wearing my Christmas Jumper pattern No. 3 which you can see above.
The Festive Furries Postcards will be available in my Etsy store soon! They are on their way!
In the meantime you can grab yourself a decently priced print over there ;D

Before I send of for my Christmas Cards to be printed I thought it would be nice to dress up my favourite wolf as well as a fourth and final edition to my Festive Furries.
So here you go. Hello Mr. Winter Wolf!

For me it's urgend bedtime now! Little Crumb is already asleep on my feet. Cheerio!

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