16 Jun 2010

☛ Ways to send a mesage ☚ 2nd Post

I had a brilliant brainstorming session yesterday with some people here and on twitter etc. about 'Ways to send messages'.
At the moment I'm sketching down the seperate ideas to combine them later in a double page spread for a magazine feature that I will be revealing once the work is complete.
It really made me me laugh what we managed to come up with.
Todays sketch is 'write on a banana'. You will know how satisfying doing that is with a good silky biro!

2 Examples - which one do you prefer?


Paul aka Pavel Le Bouche said...

the second has more inpact for me, my eye didn't pick up the "write on a banana" banner at the bottom of the first until the second time I viewed it.

I do this with work colleagues and their fruit but the messages are normally abusive, in a fun way. Sharpie markers are very good for this...

Sandra Dieckmann said...

I haven't written on a banana in a looong time ;-) I remember that smoooth feeling...ohaouhhhauuu