12 May 2010

Just a quick post before I hit the sack...

Here are some editorial illustrations I was asked to do by Amelia and Hannah Bullivant in the last few days for Amelia's Magazine.

Click on the articles to read the whole stories and see more of the fab imagery that's been created:
nighty night xxx

Article // The ballot box calls all the boys to the yard… 
Wednesday May 12th, 2010

Article // Mildred the Surfing Sheep works her charm for Finisterre 
Wednesday May 12th, 2010


Victoria Stitch said...

i love the way you've done the waves in the second picture!

Sandra Dieckmann said...

Ha! Hallo Victoria ;-)
Yes loads of fun.
Kinda reminds me of those underdeveloped computer games a few years ago..trying to look 3D...hahah