4 Dec 2009

Busy Bee

Hallo December people!

I'm a busy bee at the moment and it's so nice.
Since I've been back I've been sewing, fixing, making, cooking and baking.
It never stops and I'm best when I'm busy.
It's way to cold outside to be standing around on the street with the pigeons anyway !!!

Here are some of the delicious biscuits me and my other half baked this week.
We had a proper pre-Christmas day...with candles...christmas music and loads of sticky fingers. There are jammy dodgers, coconut mountains, German speculoos and the classic painted ones in plain and chocolate with icing and funny faces

I have also decided to take part in a portrait painting competition.
Really hard to decide between drawing my old and wise dad with the lines in his face and his bright blue eyes and my sister Alea. She has such an interesting face already and such telling eyes. There is sadness and happiness. softness and distance and I love this series of photographic face studies. It's a really hard choice but I think I'm leaning towards the image below. It will be painted and I might keep you up on my progress in the next three months!

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