30 Oct 2009

Weekword Transportation


The transportation of my choice would of course be a colourful monkeybird.
How good would it be to be him or to go and ride on his back ;-)

This weeks word was picked by Leenie.
For more Weekword interpretations visit her great blog to see who else took part !!!

Have a lovely weekend
x Sandra x


Anonymous said...

I think your monkeybird is just a little bit scary!! Glad you liked the bull - he is a very big boy!! (of course you could print out the photo to put on your wall .....

Fruenswerk said...

Thats just great...would like to fly away with this little monkeybird...Weekword...shit?

Leenie said...

Amazing mode of transportation! Wild combination of illustrations. Does he have a saddle or do you just snuggle down in the fur and hang on?

Leenie said...

Er...don't read anything weird into that comment.

Sandra Dieckmann said...

Hahaha! No I won't read anything weird into it Leenie! I think you just snuggle into the fur or even better turn yourself into him and fly yourself ;-)

Why did you write ...shit? at the end Fruenswerk? Did you forget about it?