5 Oct 2009

the sun don't shine in your tv


Hey everyone !

Just wanted to say that I kinda feel bad disappearing like that on everything.
Weekword, briefs, interactions ... just needed to break away for a while.
No public explanation just a sign of life from me ;-)
I haven't been able to draw and I miss it.
My hands are tingling now ...
there are sketches in my mind and in my room and I can feel a great creative wave coming on.
I have been doing something though...writing!
I have never written so much in my life. It frees the soul without actually talking!
Music soothes the mind and soon I'll be back ;-) Promised!

Just a little video of one of my favorite songs
(prefer the studio version but that wasn't available)


Fruenswerk said...

I do hope U are okay?
Sometimes life just don´t shine...but it will again :)
Nice to see U´r still here...hugs

Veja cecilia said...

welcome back. and I hope you are feeling better?!