19 Aug 2009


This weeks weekword was Camping and was chosen by Nicky
Other participants this week were aimee, alexandra, anairam, frayedattheedge, l'atelier, linda sue, thereza, remistuff, valentina, veja cecilia and yoon see.

I love the outdoors! Do you?
Summer nights with friends..
watching the moon...

I think Little Crumb is dreaming of the outdoors as well.
He is 5 month old now and up to all sorts of cheeky mischievous things that I have to rescue him from so I have decided that he is staying in this afternoon.
He is sleeping and in his sleep seems to be jumping and landing....I have tried to capture it in the photographs ;-)
My love!

All the best,
enjoy this amazing sunny day!


Alexandra Hedberg said...

Didn't know you were in - I'll link to you too.
Great and a bit different camping interpreation.

And I LOOOVE your (new, right?) banner.

Linda Sue said...

I think your kitten is actaully FLYING! With many plump delicious birds! Your art is fabulous in every way - LOVE what you have done with "camping"! FABULOUS!

aimee said...

as i have confessed, i am not a camper but your illustration makes it look like so much fun!

hi there little crumb :)

Sandra Dieckmann said...

Oh thank you Alexandra!
Yeah I really thought it was time for a little refreshing ;-)
And THANK YOU Linda and Aimee for your sweet comments...Little Crumb says hi as well ;-) x

Nicky Linzey said...

Thanks for participating this week, just love your illustration for camping. First time I've visited your blog - your work is great.

Veja cecilia said...

If camping was they way show it I wouldn´t hesitate to go:)

●• Thereza said...

tropical camping?!! it looks and sounds great!

little crumb is growing fast, isn't he?! so cuddly :::)

Caroline said...

Came to you via Nicky - what a lovely illustration! I posted too! And your Little Crumb is a ballet dancer! I have a little black and white kitty just like him!!

Fruenswerk said...

I sure would camp in that drawing...and take Crumb with me...hihi great...

L'Atelier said...

this is absolutely amazing!
i love the outdoors- but havent camped since uni (ages ago) so dont think i am a camper!