5 Nov 2008

Project 4 "Sequential and Narrative Imagery"

My illustrations for 'The power of a curious mind', 'Kafka's Metamorphosis' and 'The man who laughs' are nearly finished although I still want to do a little updating and tweaking but it is time for Illustration project No.4 "Sequential and Narrative Imagery".
I had a little crit today and had the chance to look at some really fantastic books to give me some inspiration and ideas.

Some of them you might already know like for example 'Persepolis' and 'Maus'.

I especially liked an old story book with 3D fold-out illustrations...


●• Tiny Red said...

great little books, aren't they?
i'm excited about this project :)

About Me said...

I'm exited too.
Have so many ideas rushing through my brain.
I hope 3 weeks will be enough to realize it all. ;-)