23 Apr 2008

constant's I can't deny

'tear sponge'


'sharp kiss'

'remember to use'

'didn't pay'

'evil telly'


'old love'


'always in'

'black eyes'

'caffeine feeder'


'cover up'

I'm currently documenting items around me that are constantly and repeatedly in my space.
Things that are necessary evils and things I love to have around.
The line drawings will be repeatedly screen-printed on top of A2 or A3 Photographs of the same item.
The photograph is a caption of hyper reality in contrast to my own illustration which is an emotional and momentary documentation of my own perception.
Here are some I have done today...

1 comment:

Thereza Rowe said...

wow babes, they're really cool! i can already imagine them screenprinted. will look amazing! i've been doing loads of overprints today. great fun, i lovo this project :)